Swing dancers (Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz), Maria and Clàudia’s work is focused on developing their own context for couple dancing. While having learnt from the classics, from Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz roots, showing admiration and gratitude they also look for expressing their own interpretation and voice always adjusting their individual moves to each other.

Although working on the dynamics from both roles, they believe in initiating the movement from the body as a whole; as one unit. Body awareness is one of the
foundations that enables them to develop and work on a continuous and flow of movements, adding rhythmical contrasts.

Their objective is to find different ways to understand movement and rhythm changes in order to apply it to Swing music and give way to playful interpretations. What they believe is that the more open we are to learn and explore, the more freedom we can feel to fill the dance with personal characteristics united with the partner and enjoy the swing songs together.