Lindy “Débutant” (Begginer) : You have never danced Lindy Hop before.

Lindy Déb/Int (Beg/Int) : You began taking Lindy Hop lessons in September 2019.

Lindy Inter :  You have taken Lindy Hop lessons since one or two years and you dance regularly.

Level Advanced : You have taken Lindy Hop lessons since at least three years and you travel around the country as soon as there is some swing. You practice your Lindy Hop regularly, and you dance on all tempos! An audition at the beginning of the festival will devide the level “advanced” in 3 groups as homogeneous as possible.

Charleston Inter : You already know some basics, and you want to improve your solo !

Charleston Adv : You already master all the basics and you want to go further… Get ready to sweat !!